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"YES" to clean pores! "NO" to black heads!

The new solution for the skin black-head problem was released by Korean Beauty Experts from Healux Co., Ltd. The BHP (Black Head Peel) serum! The market offers different products: nose-packs, nose-stripes, and peeling masks to remove black-heads, but most of them are traumatic and may not be suitable for sensitive skin. Also, they remove the top of the back-heads and the rest still stays inside the skin. The BHP serum solves this problem by penetrating inside the pores and by melting black heads, pulling it out on the skin surface. The BHP serum contains Camellia Flower, Lavender, Rosemary and Oregano leaves extracts, that helps to clean the pores and control the sebum regeneration. It's absolutely new approach for solving the problem with black heads and The advantages of BHP * Easy to use. Amazingly simple to apply. * Effectiveness. Clean and pure skin right after the single use * Safe and suits all skin types * Can be applied on any skin areas with black heads (Face: nose, forehead, cheeks. Body: back, shoulders) Try the new solution for Black Heads with BHL from Korean professionals by Healux Co.Ltd.


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