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Why i-THREAD for thread lifting?

Thread lifting is getting more and more popular around the word due to effectiveness and short recovery time. Thread lifting is good for lifting or rejuvenation of the skin. Forehead, jowls, under-eye area and eyebrow, cheeks, all sagging parts of the face can be considered for a thread lifting procedure.

it's considered as same effective as lifting surgery but much less traumatic.

Demand for this procedure raises more and more producing of lifting threads. There are many manufactures from all over the word with different quality, which makes a problem for clinics to choose the right supplier.

Thread lifting is skin lifting procedure using sutures that were traditionally used for stitching during the surgery. PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are most popular nowadays, and PDO thread lift is also known as Korean thread lift due to its creation by Korean surgeon. And Korea - is the best manufacturer and leader of the product due to it's high standard.

Healux is Korean company leader manufacturer of lifting threads. It provides innovative approach and high quality production. i-THREAD is the main product of the company.

i-THREAD is a leader in the Aesthetic and beauty industry like i-products of Apple company in Electronic Field.

Benefits of i-Thread lifting threads:

  • Unique high-quality Korean products developed according to our own innovative and patented technologies

  • Different types, sizes of threads depending on implication

  • All products directly from the manufacturer

  • Education and Training Service

  • Stable prices and marketing support

  • Short lead time and quick supplies

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