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New anti-aging solution - thread lifting.

What is thread lifting?

Thread lifting is skin lifting procedure using sutures that were traditionally used for stitching during the surgery. Now it is a great alternative for lifting surgery, with more advantages such as reduced cost, less invasive and with minimal recovery time.

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are most popular nowadays, and PDO thread lift is also known as Korean thread lift due to its creation by Korean surgeon.

Thread lifting is good for lifting or rejuvenation of the skin. Forehead, jowls, under-eye area and eyebrow, cheeks, all sagging parts of the face can be considered for a thread lifting procedure.

There are different types of threads depending on the size and structure of material:

- Mono (Screw, Double Screw) has a smooth texture and usually are used combined with other threads.

- Cannula COG

- Molding COG

- Multi Scaffold Mesh Solid Filler

How does thread lifting work?

The procedure can be performed in about 40 minutes and not required long postsurgical recovery.

The therapist inserts the thread under the skin by using tiny needle, so the procedure generally not so traumatic.

Once the thread is inserted, the body starts healing process, the body detects a suture material and stimulates collagen that restores elasticity of the skin and forms a new face shape. Threads are proven to be extremely safe and dissolves around 6 months after the treatment.

The results of thread lifting should be appear right after procedure, but it will be more noticed after more few days and weeks.

The results of thread lifting are not meant to be permanent and last around 2 years. The used threads will be eventually absorbed by the tissue of the skin.

It’s important to find a certified therapist, who applies good quality threads, please note that results of procedure are all up to surgeon you choose.

If you have more inquiries about lifting thread, please send an email:


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