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What is Healux Corporation?

Healux Corporation is a Korea-based R&D and manufacturing company devoted to aesthetic and medical technologies and innovations. Having more than 35 distributors in the global market, the company committed to improving other people's lives through beauty and health.

Healux Corp. is founded basing on years of professional experience and knowledge in aesthetic and medical equipment, focused on providing reliable and responsive customer support.

In particular, Healux Corp. is focused on innovative spectrum for anti-aging solutions, providing products for complex approach.

"We are proud the most to generate innovative ideas and represent them into our products, supporting high standard quality and efficiency in application, getting positive feedback from our clients of great results improving people's lives " Healux Corporation CEO Hans Kim.

Company's goal is to provide people all over the world improvements in their lives with newly discovered youth, beauty and enhanced health, by promoting our unique and upgraded methods based on expertise in laser, RF, and ultrasound.

Focusing on integrity-based innovation and creative ideas, Healux Corporation is an integrated business partnership that serves the community by providing global customer needs with an intuitive medical laser system designed to deliver quality and value to people.

If you are looking for a reliable partner and supplier for anti-aging solution spectrum products, like aesthetic devices, lifting threads and mesoceuticals, please contact by email:


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