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UltraDuo at the 120 annual Meeting of the Japanese Dermatological Association

The biggest Dermatological Meeting organized by JAD (Japanese Dermatological Association) was held in PACIFICO Yokohama from 10-13 June 2021.

The event was organized for professionals in Dermatology Field.

There were a lot of lectures and presentations discussions, workshops, satellite symposiums, live demonstrations (hands-on) that allow dermatologists to exchange experience and new ideas.

The main topics of the conference :

Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Autoimmune disease

Basic research Congenital Disease and Infectious Disease

Tumor and Dermatosurgery 

Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Congenital Disease and Infectious

Allergic disease

Dermatologic surgery

Congenital Disease and Infectious

Also UltraDuo - the beauty device that effective for dermatological treatment was demonstated at JAD and got a lot of positive feedback. UltraDuo is effective for Aesthetic treatments improving shallow and deep wrinkles, improving elasticity, anti-aging skincare, moisturizing, reducing pores, photopheresis (for deep penetration of drugs) and for Dermatology healing acne, atopy, keloid, eczema, fungal, erythematodes lupus, ect.

Many Japanese doctors was interested in applying UltraDuo at their clinics and we are expecting the growing demand for this beauty device.


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