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Tread lifting training with Dr. Wook Oh at IMCAS

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Healux Corporation is happy to invite you to IMCAS World Congress France

Symposium 26 of January in Amphi Bleu hall, from 10:00 to 11:00

for thread lifting with best experts from South Korea.

Dr. Wook Oh, will held lecture including Video Demo "Simple and effective Plastysmaplasty with dual needle barbed PDO Threads"

Don't miss a chance to study master tips from the best in thread lifting.

The lecture is about thread lifting under the eye and on the neck area to improve wrinkles. These areas are special areas for thread lifting. Until now, a treatment under the eye was done through surgery or injection of fillers.

For the neck, people used surgery or energy based devices for anti-aging treatment, but Dr. Oh will present a new technique on these areas using threads. This lecture will be very unique for many surgeon and doctors.

Thread lifting is great alternative in case plastic surgery or treatment with fillers and botox are impossible to proceed, and that is the reason it's becoming more popular these days.

Also Dr. Oh will introduce the i-THREAD Magic Plus thread, that he finds quite useful and effective. The tip of the needle of this type of thread is well-cut with precise cutting technology. And thanks to that technology needle insertion is so smooth and easy. In that aspect Magic Plus has a great advantage over other threads.

Hopefully you will visit our Symposium to learn more secrets and useful techniques for thread lifting from our experts.


4th honorary president of Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology President publishing committee of Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology

Head Academician, Korea Filler Education and Research Academy Head Director, Korea Cosmetic Surgery Academy

Present: President of Maylin clinic the Hyundai Seoul


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