Thread lifting with i-THREAD Matrix BEFORE and AFTER

Healux Co. Ltd -the manufacturer of thread lifting shared the pictures of Before and After thread lifting procedure using i-THREAD Matrix . The i-THREAD Matrix is lifting thread with the unique 3D scaffold structure, that helps to produce viable collagen, and it is efficient for volumizing effect.

The procedure was held by Dr. Lee HoonBum, M.D., PhD, Inventor, developer and Patentee of i-THREAD Matrix, Chairman and Director of Plastic Surgery at Catholic Kwandong University School of Medicine in South Korea.

The patient is 45 years old female with deep Glabellar and Nasolabial folds.

You can see those aging signs on Before picture. On the next picture you can see the design lines and result right after thread lifting by using i-Thread Matrix. As you can see there is a little of swelling and redness but not such a damage like after other surgical procedures. The procedure was also held on tear through giving some volumizing effect and improving wrinkles in orbital area. The visible results are obvious on the last picture After 7 days, the result is not final yet and it will be only better.

Also the patient had nose augumentation (rhynoplasty) using the same i-THREAD Matrix threads.

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