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Thread lifting hands-on training with i-THREAD academy

The manufacturer Healux Co., Ltd opened i-THREAD academy in a collaboration with one of the best clinics in Korea - Maylin clinic. The experience doctors in Aesthetic and Medical field hold training for lifting threads sharing their experience and techniques for best results.

The training includes full program

- A lecture from Dr. Hyun Jun Park

- Hands on full face thread lifting procedure on the women in the late 30-s,

The treatments areas were forehead, under-eye, middle face and low face. The significant results of lifting could be noticed right after procedure. For the procedure were used innovative korean lifting threads i-THREAD Matrix developed and manufactured by Healux Co., Ltd. The best results of the procedure is not reach yet, and it will be even better after all recovery process.

The attendees found the training very informative and valuable.

Hyun Jun Park M.D. PH.D.

The doctor in Maylin Clinic in Apkujon

6 published articles

- Broadband light treatment using static operation and constant motion techniques for skin tightening in Asian patients (2018)

- Clinical Study of Facial Wrinkle Treatment with Fractional Microneedle Radio Frequency System (2014)

- Coagulation and ablation patters of high-intensity focused ultrasound on a tissue0mimicking phantom and cadaveric skin

- Morphometric analysis of high-intensity focused ultrasound-induced lipolysis on cadaveric abdominal and thigh skin (2017)

- Interactive thermal tissue reactions of 7-MHz intense focused ultrasound and 1-MHz and 6MHz radiofrequency on cadaveric skin (2019)

- A Novel Anatomical Consideration on the Exposed Segment of the Facial Artery (2020)


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