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Thread lifting case BEFORE/AFTER

Dr. Doaa Gamal professional cosmetologist and surgeon from Middle East shares pictures of her client with amazing results after thread lifting procedure using L Cannula Cog 19g , i-THREAD.

The picture were taken BEFORE and right AFTER procedure, that shows an immediate visible improvements. The client is middle age men with aging changes, sagging skin, nasolabial and puppet folds. On the After picture there are visible grey lines where threads were inserted smoothing wrinkles and folds.

There are different types of lifting threads depending on material, size and shape, each has different indications. This case was made by using L-Cannula Cog 19g, i-THREAD of Korean leader manufacturer of thread lifting - Healux Co., Ltd. This type of thread is especially indicated for improving middle size wrinkles and folds as shown on the picture to get the best results.


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