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The great way to loose weight and shape the body with UltraFocus

There are many fat reduction apparatus that help to lose weight and shape the body using different technologies, there is one especially effective among them: UltraFocus.

Ultra Focus is an aesthetic device to reduce body’s fat using HIFU technology manufactured by Korean Company Healux Co., Lts. The HIFU – high-intensity focused ultrasound works by generating energy under the skin going pass the epidermis and dermis layer to heat up the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), which is a layer of muscles. And targeting on the fat layer without damaging the skin at the same time it helps stimulate collagen formation to tighten the skin.

This can be done in different areas such as the abdomen, inner thighs, back of thighs, hips, arms.

HIFU technology is non-invasive and safer comparing to surgical fat reduction procedure, like liposuction which carries surgical risks such as keloid formation or infections.

Fat Destruction Mechanism

• Ultrasound generation by 9cm diameter transducer

• Focused ultrasound energy at 15±1mm under the skin without affecting patient’s skin, blood vessels,

or nervous tissues

• Cavitation buildup due to HIFU pressure

• Fat-cell destruction by bubble jet effect

Advantages of UltraFocus treatments

• Quick recovery and no fibrosis of cellular tissue

• Multiple treatments with 2-week interval

• Panniculus adiposus collapse due to space generated by cavitation, therefore size reduction

• fat left after fat cell destruction is transported to liver and utilized as energy source through human body metabolism

• Size reduction up to 2 weeks through neutral fat decomposition

• Destructed fat-cell debris disappear in 3~4 weeks

The UltraFocus will be will be presented at the KIMES International Medical Trade Fair in COEX (Seoul, S. Korea) from 18 to 21 of March 2021.


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