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The 18th Symposium of the Korean Society for Clinical Therapeutic Dermatology

The 18th Symposium of the KCD (Korean Society for Clinical Therapeutic Dermatology) will be held 23 of October 2022 (Sunday) in The K Hotel in Seoul.

KCD is the biggest symposium for dermatologists to exchange knowledge and experience in aesthetic field.

Healux Co., Ltd will introduce new skin boosters MesoGlory and MayGlory,.

The MesoGlory and MayGlory product has many advantages such as

- Can be used easily with MTS Roller or Vacuum Infusion system

- Best used if accompanied by other devices, such as laser or plasma devices

- PDRN and Glam Pink provide great laser post-care for skin rejuvenation and melasma after laser sessions

- Our product focus on minimizing side effects while maximizing the skin benefit

- Skin benefits supported by scientific papers or journals

Also, Healux will held a lecture "Post care using MayGlory and MesoGlory skinboosters after i-THREAD lifting" to share the experience to reach the best aesthetic results for patient who's looking for significant anti-aging solutions.

More efficient and beautiful results in aesthetic with HEALUX.

Hopefully to see you at KCD October 23.


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