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Removing scars with lifting threads! Take a look at results!

Here we keep sharing the best cases of using lifting threads "iTHREAD".

This case in particular is very interesting and worth to study, because you can see the efficiency of using threads not only for rejuvenation and lifting the skin but also for improving and removing scars.

The patient is middle age man with a middle-deep p a scar after accident on the right cheek of the face. Inserting lifting threads under the skin helped to smooth the scars and get great results just only after one procedure. Also as you can see this procedure shows great results in improving orbital wrinkles.

Credits for this case to Doctor Marwa Abdallah, dermatology and cosmetics specialist from Egypt, specialized in Adult Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology, Eyes Cosmetic Surgery, Rhinoplastic Surgery.

More interesting and great cases of using "i-THREADs" are coming, don't miss it.


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