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Online Exhibition 2021 GoBiz Korea

The online Exhibition by GoBiz Korea will be held in KINTEX from 12 to 13 July and 15 to 16 July in 2 sessions. There will participate about 100 local companies and at business meeting oversea 100, and 200 local.

The demonstrated products will be shown online, via VR.

Also there will be organized online matching business meeting through Zoom, so buyers and manufacturers can meet up and discuss business opportunities.

Healux Co. Ltd will demonstrate main products for Korean Market: PDO lifting threads, in particular the new model – i-THREAD Matrix, with patented stent structure. The 3D network structure of the thread provides better collagen regeneration and as a result great lifting and volumizing effect.

And UltraDuo. – ultrasound device grabbed attention from visitors. With the powerful cell movement effect of shaking skin tissue cells up to 100,000 times per second, there is very effective pressure for skin treatment. Ultrasonic waves of 1MHz, 3 MHz and 10 MHz used in this case will bring different depth of pressure according to the characteristic of each ultrasonic wave and eventually improve the skin to subcutaneous fat.

Plasma PLORA is an aesthetic and medical device that is effective in solving the various skin problems: 1.High-intensity plasma energy decreases a concentration of melanin and brightens skin.

2.Removes oxidized foreign matter on skin surface and makes it easy to penetrate drug.

3.Scalp drug penetration and hair loss management

4.Acne control by plasma disinfection effect on skin

5.Regenerate skin moisture layer, collagen and elastic fibers to improve aging skin and skin elasticity 6.Pigment disease and micro vascular arrest by plasma pressure The device is very light and small size, it's equipped with 6 tips (2 gold and 4 silver) for different indications.

Join the online Exhibition to learn more about latest products in Medical and Aesthetic Field in S. Korea.

Hopefully to see you there.


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