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Online course of iTHREAD lifting thread is coming soon.

These days with online technologies it allows clinicians to improve skills and learn new technology in aesthetic and beauty industry from the best experts around the world.

Healux Co.,Ltd have finished shooting for online course of applying iTHREAD lifting threads at one of the best clinics in Seoul South Korea. The course will include all step by step process of thread lifting procedure for two patients female 41 and male 52 years old with aging visible changes on the facial area. The treatments areas were forehead, under-eye, middle face, low face and neck. The shooting took all the details from the beginning till the end of treatment, including Doctor's explanations and recommendations. Also photos of before and after are expecting soon, to show actual results and effectiveness of thread lifting.

The instructor of the course is Dr. Kim Sokju with a great experience in Aesthetic and Medical Industry. - CEO and Doctor of Clinic 10 - Professor of Chungang Medical University

- Academic Director of Korean Association for Obesity and Aesthetic

- Academic Director of the Korean Filler Association

- Lecturer at AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine)

- Lecturer and Instructor of iThread lifting threads

The additional announcement will be made as soon as course will be released.


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