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Vaginoplasty with PDO threads i-THREAD Matrix

The main purpose of vaginoplasty is to restore elasticity by narrowing the internal and sagging vaginal openings damaged by childbirth, aging, sexual intercourse or by any female diseases, and to bring aesthetic effect and functionality simultaneously.

It attracts more attention as a new effective material for the vaginoplasty because it’s highly safe, and has a low feeling of foreign material.


•A person who suffers from vaginal perfection due to increased internal vagina after natural delivery

•A person who doesn’t have elasticity or with weak contract ability

•Someone with naturally weak pelvic muscles

•Who has difficulties with sexual sensibility

•Who often gets vaginitis or cold

•Who wants plastic surgery for labials small and big

•Who suffers from the sound deflating during sex (vaginal flatulence, queefing) .

•Someone who experiences a feeling of emptiness in the vagina after Hysterectomy

•Who has urinary incontinence.


Increases vaginal quality and health

Help to improve mild incontinence symptoms

Increases sexual satisfaction

The effect of protecting against various diseases such as vaginitis and cystitis.

Increases sexual satisfaction and mental and physical confidence

It's very important to use high-quality threads for vaginoplasty for better and prolong effect.

One of the popular threads for the treatment in Korea is i-THREAD Matrix

Advantages of i-THREAD Matrix

•Special Stent Structure PDO thread (USP 7-0, 16 filaments)

•3D network structure

•Tunnel space is filled with new formed tissue and collagen

•Excellent resistance to external pressure

•Excellent volumizing effect after insertion

Advantages of procedure with using i-THREAD Matrix:

Approved by Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Short operation time, less than 1 hour

Recovery to normal life without hospitalization

Almost doesn’t have any side effects as it melts and disappear after certain period

Volumizing effect and and skin tone brightening - may brighten the skin due to tissue regeneration

"When the Matrix is inserted into the submucosal layer, it provides volumizing effect, by producing skin proteins increases collagen and elasticity. Collagen and elasticity (high density self-tissue)." Matrix


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