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MTS roller: for better absorption, for better effect~

Professional and dermatological Cosmetic are getting more available, due to customers demand to have opportunity getting a professional skincare at home. And companies release new skincare products using of which are not required cosmeticians support but can provides same effectiveness as professional skincare.

Mesoglory - Korean Cosmetics brand released a new eye-catchy product - MTS roller.

Single-use MTS roller, safe and hygienic, for stimulating the absorption of active ingredients of the applying solution deeper into the skin. The usage of the product is very simple, you need just simply to connect the roller to the skincare solution ampule and it's ready to use. The roller has a button that pumps the solution to the roller and while massaging the skin helps to penetrate the ingredients deeply.

The recommended treatment frequency is 1 to 2 times per a week and treatment time is within 10 minutes to provide the best results.

Mesoglory stands for combination of “Mesotherapy” + “Glory”, it is a dermatological cosmetics brand that developed not only various professional solutions but also special skincare products that helps to penetrate active ingredients to the skin deeper and more effectively.


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