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Live session work shops K-CLUB [Part III]

The last days of the K-club workshops included training hold by famous doctors from Maylin clinic at the Medytox business center.

The main topics of workshops:

"Management of infra-orbital groove with Filler Thread" by Doctor Wook Oh

"Management of various complication in thread lift and live surgery" by Doctor Hyoung Moon Kim


(Former) Director of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (Former) Professor Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

(Former) Adjunct Professor at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (Former) Representative Director of Miraero Hospital

President of the Korean Laser Skin and Hair Society Regular member of the Korean Medical Association President of the Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Society Director of the Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Society

Director of Fat Plastic Surgery, Korea Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Full member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Medicine Head of Botox, Filler Division at the Korean Laser Dermatological and Hair Association

Professor of Laser Division at Medication K Academy Director of the GALLA International Society of Plastic Surgery


4th honorary president of Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology President publishing committee of Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology

Head Academician, Korea Filler Education and Research Academy Head Director, Korea Cosmetic Surgery Academy

Present) President of Maylin clinic the Hyundai Seoul

The group photo of participants during the workshop.

Feedback of participants was very satisfied and they were very grateful to be part of the event and thank full for the opportunity to learn new knowledge and techniques that they can apply in practice at their own clinics, providing better results to the clients.

The one of the important part of the program is the hand-on Cadaver session "i-THREAD lifting based on real clinical anatomy" , participants could practice thread lifting directly on Cadaver under expert monitoring Doctor Hee-Jin Kim.

HEE-JIN KIM, DDS, PhD, Professor


1996~Present : Professor of Yonsei University College of Dentistry 2016~Present : Editor in Chief of Anatomy and Cell Biology (ACB) 2009~Present : Associate Editor (Head and neck) of Surgical and

Radiologic Anatomy

2010~Present : Associate Editor of Clinical Anatomy

Coordinator (Education techniques and Innovation) of Federation International Programme for Anatomical Education (FIPAE)

2011~Present : Section Editor of ISRN Anatomy

2013~Present : Editorial Board of Journal of Oral Biosciences

2015~Present : Director of BK21 FOUR project

The program ended up with Gala dinner on the cruise with a beautiful view on Han river. All participants received the Professional Certificates at the end of the program.

Gala dinner at Cruise at the Han river in Seoul.

Hopefully to see you on next event!


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