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Live session work shops K-CLUB [Part II]

The K-club program also included the live workshop of thread lifting by i-THREAD Matrix in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at the Catholic Kwandong University St. Mary's Hospital.

Doctor Hoon Bum Lee giving and interview to the leading Korean TV channel KBS.

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Participants were divided on groups that each group could watch the live thread lifting treatment and ask questions to doctor directly right during the session. While waiting their turn they could watch the session online in the auditorium hall from the screens.

Hoon Bum Lee, M.D.., PhD

- Inventor, Developer and Patentee of i-THREAD Matrix

- Visiting Professor, Tissue Engineering LAB Brigham and Women's Hospita, Harvard Medical School (1988-2000)

Professor of Plastic Surgery/ Catholic Kwandong University College of Medicine

- Head of the Center for International Medical Care

International St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic Kwandong University

Live session of lifting thread procedure, where participant can watch thread lifting live.

The patient giving an interview right after thread lifting procedure.

"The procedure was with anesthesia and painless, I can see the results already of improvement nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The thread lifting was fast and can't wait to see the final result, which should be much better. I'm very grateful to Dr. Hoom Bun Lee the make this procedure very comfortable and professional"

Visiting the manufacturing factory of i-THREAD.

The i-THREAD mascot purple fox is meeting guests at the entrance.

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