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"Lifting fixer" - lifting effect just right away!

Korean beauty experts keep surprising with new beauty products making it more efficient and fast-acting. The latest "Bomb" product that hit a beauty market is Lifting pack, with powerful lifting effect to immediately improve sagging, dull-skin just right after one use, leaving it plump and glowing!

The product includes the ampule with active ingredients and a pack that you have to mix together just before the use. Then put the solution with a soft brush evenly around face surface avoiding the eyes and lips area, leave it for 20-30 minutes and then the magic will begin. As the solution is getting dry it immediately lifting up the skin, nourishing the skin with helpful substances enhancing the boosting effect. After washing it out you can see the fresh and glowing skin, with amazing lifting effect.

Overall the product removes toxins and dead skin, evens skin tone and gives excellent whitening effect.

This product is perfect not only for regular skincare but also it's an emergency help in the cases when you need to boost your skin before important day or event and look gorgeous.

The new version of lifting pack "Lifting Fixer Tight G" is coming soon producing by Healux Co.Ltd, will be represented at KIMES International Medical Trade Fair in COEX (Seoul, S. Korea) from 18 to 21 of March 2021.


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