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KCD (Korean Society for Clinical Therapeutic Dermatology) Spring Symposium 2021

The Spring symposium by KCD (The Korean Society for Clinical Therapeutic Dermatology) was held at the TheK Hotel (Seoul) at 18th of April 2021.

The event takes a place twice per year, at Spring and Autumn, with professional lectures and training from dermatologists to share their experience and knowledge to spread new ideas for better skin treatment.

Despite Corona, the event was held in 2021, and many doctors and cosmetologists showed a lot of interest in the lectures and equipment.

There is a banner with the program of KCD symposium with many lectures and presentations.

Healux Co. Ltd demonstrated main products for Korean Market: PDO lifting threads, in particular the new model – i-THREAD Matrix, with patented stent structure. The 3D network structure of the thread provides better collagen regeneration and as a result great lifting and volumizing effect.

Also was presented the PicoMaster – picosecond Nd: YaG Laser with 3 handpieces for different purposes of treatment.

The UltraDuo. – ultrasound device grabbed attention from visitors. With the powerful cell movement effect of shaking skin tissue cells up to 100,000 times per second, there is very effective pressure for skin treatment. Ultrasonic waves of 1MHz, 3 MHz and 10 MHz used in this case will bring different depth of pressure according to the characteristic of each ultrasonic wave and eventually improve the skin to subcutaneous fat.

UltraDuo is effective for Aesthetic treatments improving shallow and deep wrinkles, improving elasticity, anti-aging skincare, moisturizing, reducing pores, photopheresis (for deep penetration of drugs) and for Dermatology healing acne, atopy, keloid, eczema, fungal, erythematodes lupus, ect.

The effectiveness of device was proved with many clinical texts.

Many doctors showed their interest in the product and send inquiries.


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