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KALDAT (Korean Association for Laser, Dermatology and Trichology) conference in Seoul Dec. 4th

The big event KALDAT (Korean Association for Laser, dermatology and trichology ) conference with over 1000 local Korean physicians attending was held in Grand Continental Parnas at December 4th.

The conference included different subject of training: for Lasers, Trichology, Lifting related and also for Obesity, IVNT, Totsl Aesthetic Medicine.

Especially lifting threads lectures were very informative and useful .

The Doctor Oh Wook from Maylin clinic held the Lecture "Simple and Effective Platysmapalsty with PDO Threads."

And also, the lecture "Effective and Safe Eyebrow Lifting with Threads" by Hyung Moon Kim, MD Maylic Clinic attracted a lot of attendees who found the shared information very useful and applicable in future practice.

The Healux , manufacturer of famous brand of lifting threads i-THREADs were welcoming participants with their cute mascot Purple Fox, presenting the innovate lifting thread models that provide great aesthetic results.

Hopefully to meet you at next KALDAT conference!


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