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Jowls lifting with i-THREAD. "Bye-bye" sagging jowls!

As the face aging one of visible sign of aging is sagging skin, and the reason is not only the skin gets weaken but more importantly the supportive structure like muscles and ligaments are falling down that causes the skin sagging. That's why it's important to lift the support structure and not just a skin to get great face lifting results. Thread lifting is a good option to solve such imperfection as sagging jowls.

Dr. Doaa Gamal professional cosmetologist and surgeon from Middle East applies mono threads shares the pictures of Before and After procedure.

The patient is a female in early 50 with a clear aging signs and sagging jawline, thread lifting procedure provided excellent lower face lifting and jawline revealing.

Dr. Doaa used threads i-THREAD manufactured by Healux Co.Ltd.

Korean manufactured thread are proved to be high quality and results speak for themselves.


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