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Interview with Prof. Hee Jin Kim about K-anatomy IMCAS World Congress

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Healux Corporation is bringing the best expert in aesthetic field from South Korea to IMCAS World Congress France 2023.

We will held Symposium at January 26 / Amphi Bleu hall from 10:00~11:00 for thread lifting.

The one of the important part of the program is session for K-anatomy "Ultrasound anatomy of the temple and peri zygomatic arch region for face lifting procedures" with Professor Hee-Jin Kim from Younsei University.

Prof. Hee Jin Kim will talk about the ultrasonography anatomy especially focusing on thread lifting procedure with the collaboration of the clinical data.

Professor talk about the detailed clinical anatomy under the ultrasonography and it is basically for the safe thread lifting procedure, using i-Thread and based on the clinical experience and anatomical background. Proff. Kim will explain a safe technique and procedure for the thread lifting procedure to get the greatest outcome.

As we know very well that temple is so complicated areas. Especially under the ultrasonography temple area can be divided into 13 layers So based on each layer, we can get the treatment strategy for the minimally invasive procedures and we also have our new data on the temple fascia structure

So we can get the special insight on the temple areas for better outcome focusing on the thread lifting procedures

Please come and join the K-Anatomy and i-Thread symposium January 26th, i-Thread symposium will be held in IMCAS 2023 Paris

HEE-JIN KIM, DDS, PhD, Professor

1996~Present : Professor of Yonsei University College of Dentistry 2016~Present : Editor in Chief of Anatomy and Cell Biology (ACB) 2009~Present : Associate Editor (Head and neck) of Surgical and

Radiologic Anatomy

2010~Present : Associate Editor of Clinical Anatomy

Coordinator (Education techniques and Innovation) of Federation International Programme for Anatomical Education (FIPAE)

2011~Present : Section Editor of ISRN Anatomy

2013~Present : Editorial Board of Journal of Oral Biosciences

2015~Present : Director of BK21 FOUR project


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