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Interview with CEO of Healux Co., Ltd "Total anti-aging solution company" Part II

Q: There are various product lines and there are many new products are expected, so I think it is especially important to have enough clinical trials before launching new product. How do you proceed with clinical trials? A: That is what I think is more important than launching products at the domestic market. I have signed contracts with many clinicians in Korea as a clinic director. So far, there are more than six doctors have signed contracts to create a group that can support the entire product line: lifting threads, cosmetics, and lasers, we also organize webinars very month. I am planning to develop new indications for products and education support with this group of doctors. Not only with local clinical directors but also with overseas partners. Q: Also I wonder to hear about your marketing platform company. What kind of marketing platform company are you building?

What I am really aiming to build it is an OEM manufacturing company like Apple and it is a marketing company in fact. I am planning to go to a marketing platform company based on lifting threads, medical laser, and hospital cosmetics. It's not just about manufacturing, it’s about selling education, trend creation, and creating new indications. It is a long-term approach for at least a year, two years, five years. So, it’s a way to build ultimately marketing company based on manufacturing.

To build such a marketing platform company, we are currently running Healux TV, online training courses, etc. We have built a professional studio in-office and invested about 100 million won in cameras and lighting equipment to run the online platform. I have been running Facebook or LinkedIn for more than 7 years and have 150,000 foreign doctors as friends. I build a great online network with foreign doctors. The reason why I want to go to a marketing platform company is because I can see the network connected through Healux TV or online seminars

Q: What is the vision of the Healux Company?

Healux Co., Ltd is a company specialized in 3 types of products such as lifting threads, lasers, and derma cosmetics. This itself may look like a supermarket to others, but thread lifting will be about 30 billion won in three to four years, and lasers will also develop 10 lines to become a meaningful company in this field. And I want to be a company specialized in hospital cosmetics. There are three areas, and I would like to make each part of a company with a value brand. The goal is to go to the marketing platform based on these three areas. A marketing platform company that can combine these three solid bases to provide total anti-aging solutions!


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