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Interview with CEO of Healux Co., Ltd "Total anti-aging solution company"

Introduction: Healux Co. Ltd may be not so familiar in Korea yet, it is because the company mostly was focused on sales for export and just now entering the domestic market. The company manufactures and sells i-THREAD lifting threads, lasers, and medical cosmetics. Please, pay attention to this company because the CEO has a different vision, rather than just a company that manufactures thread, laser, and hospital cosmetics, and moreover is becoming a marketing platform company in total anti-aging solutions. I met CEO Hans Kim and had an interview with him.

Q: Could you please introduce yourself first?

A: My specialization was English literature at university. After graduation, I was working in trading at Hyundai affiliates for about 7 years. I was the head of the company during the IMF in 1998, and I was 29 years old, but I quit the company and started my own business because I thought I would regret it forever if I would not do it. At that time, with the IMF, companies had a lot of stock. I could not sell a mountain of stock, but I build a great networking while working in trading. So, I earned 1 billion won in a year. I made a lot of money at a young age, but I failed as my business declined. I am only 30 years old, and I succeeded early, so I couldn't see anything. Then, I accidentally entered Lutronic and became the head of the overseas sales team. At that time, the company's name was Max Engineering, and when I entered, it was exported only to Taiwan, so I started to increase the number of overseas export areas. I entered 2001 and stayed until October 2007. When I was in Lutronic, I went on a business trip 28 days a month. But I thought I should do my job again because I've done business, and I co-represented SkinMDKorea with a person in Singapore for about a year. In 2008, I finally founded Healux and started out as a laser device field, but I have been focusing on lifting threads until now.

Q: How big is the scale of the company now?

A: We expect sales to be around 8~10 billion won this year. The main product is lifting thread, we have acquired a laser company and brought its products into the lineup, and I recently started cosmetics for the hospital. There are about eight employees in the company. Our strength is that we are the company that makes the biggest sales with fewer people. My plain is to make 10 billion won with 10 people.

Q: What is special about the main product?

A: 'i-Thread' is the top market shares in South America and the Middle East. If the FDA comes out within this year, we expect the outcome only the U.S. will be 15 billion won next year. The i-THREAD is a mesh-tube-type thread with empty space in the middle, promoting collagen and providing great volumizing effect. I am planning to participate in many domestic academic conferences in the future.

Q: Please could you introduce the laser lineup as well?

A: Caspian is a Q-switched laser, is a product that can be divided from one pulse to six pulses. There are MLA, DOE, and Quasi pulses. 'Pico Master' is pica laser that provides Gear toning, gear toning means gearing and powering the skin, just as a gear transmits power to the car's engine, gives power to the skin and returns it to its original healthy and young state. PicoMaster has a pulse duration of 500ps, and the change is only 3-4% of the time. Generally, even if the pulse variation is about 10%, our product is much more stable. This can improve the skin evenly when treated with 1064nm pico. The key to Healux's pico laser is how little pulse variation it makes. So 1064nm is stable, but 532nm is also stable. 532nm is known to have many side effects, but our product is pulse treatment stable. I’m actually thinking to promote 532nm within clinicians under the brand 'Green Asset' at make sales soon at the medical aesthetic field.

The second part of the interview is coming soon.


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