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ICAD International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology in Bangkok, November 25~26

The 15th International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology (ICAD) is the result of long-term collaboration between the Dermatological Society of Thailand (DST) and IM-Aesthetics. Held annually in Bangkok, this conference is a part of the IM-Aesthetics conference series, produced under the scientific supervision of the Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS). Her sister events include AMWC, MCS, and VCS among others.

ICAD’s program draws on the latest evidence-based research, cutting-edge innovations, and emerging trends in aesthetic dermatology. Presented by top experts, the program consists of engaging sessions, sponsored workshops, live demonstrations, and practical training.

Expect sessions that will showcase both Asian and international perspectives across a range of aesthetic dermatology topics including injectables, minimally invasive aesthetics, threads, anti-aging medicine and more.

Healux Co. Ltd will demonstrate main products for Korean Market: PDO lifting threads, in particular the new model – i-THREAD Matrix, with patented stent structure. The 3D network structure of the thread provides better collagen regeneration and as a result great lifting and volumizing effect.

Also we will introduce the new professional cosmetic line MesoGlory that has many advantages such as

- Can be used easily with MTS Roller or Vacuum Infusion system

- Best used if accompanied by other devices, such as laser or plasma devices

- PDRN and Glam Pink provide great laser post-care for skin rejuvenation and melasma after laser sessions

- Our product focus on minimizing side effects while maximizing the skin benefit

- Skin benefits supported by scientific papers or journals

We look forward to seeing all of you soon in the upcoming ICAD congress Booth #34!


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