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i-DEMIRE Where science meets K-beauty Vietnam October 9

The International Aesthetic Conference will be hold on the 9th Oct, 2022 is the first conference co-organized by Hochiminh Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (HSAPS) & Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society (DEMIRE).

This is a great opportunity for famous international speakers and plastic and aesthetic surgeons of Vietnam and Korea to meet, exchange professional secrets and update the latest medical and surgical aesthetic knowledge and technology. Especially, the conference is also an opportunity for us to discuss the most important factors to achieve the best development in aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine for Asians.

2022 Viet Nam International Aesthetic Conference is also a fruitful meeting between members of Korean, Vietnamese Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Associations and Vietnamese Spa & Clinic Association in order to exchange the great advancements in beauty technology, and to know the range of activities of each association that should not be exceeded to ensure the patient’s safety. All for the lofty purposes bringing safety, health and beauty for our clients.

Healux Co., Ltd Korean manufacturer of famous brand i-THREAD lifting threads and aesthetic products will hold a lecture: "Introduction to thread lifting: Theories and Application using i-THREAD" by Dr. Hyungmoon Kim. Where the Doctor will share his experience and secret techniques for thread lifting.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon in the upcoming conference Booth #4!


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