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Healux Co.Ltd, our half of the year results

In spite of Covid 19 this year was very efficient and productive for our company Healux Co., Ltd.

The situation with virus getting better and we have a chance to participate in 5 big events for the first half of the year, and could exchange knowledge and ideas with leader-experts in Aesthetic Medical Industry in Korea.

1. KIMES is the largest international Medical Trade Fair in Korea was held in COEX ,

Seoul from 18 to 21 of March 2021. Professionals from all over the word come to Korea to attend KIMES and see the latest Medical and Aesthetic products, new equipment and technology from the best manufacturers all over the word.

2. KALDAT (Korean Association for Laser, dermatology and trichology ) conference with over 1000 local Korean physicians attending was held on 25 April.

3. KCD (Korean Society for Clinical Therapeutic Dermatology) Spring Symposium 2021 The Spring symposium by KCD (The Korean Society for Clinical Therapeutic Dermatology) was held at the TheK Hotel (Seoul) at 18th of April 2021.

4. DEMIRE (Korean Aesthetic Surgery and Laser Society) Spring conference 2021

The meaning of DEMIRE is an abbreviation of the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society.

5. DEBICHE (Congress of Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) 2021 June.

Congress of Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine will be held in June 2021

We could build a great network with many experts in beauty and aesthetic field, giving an opportunity for new ideas for invention of innovative beauty products.

Also it was a great progress for out lifting thread i-THREAD.

We also held a great series of Webinars for Brasil and Middle East region for thread lifting i-THREAD with a participation of a great Korean experts Dr. Kim SJ and Dr. Lee H.B.

And i-THREAD was approved by Australian Government 's Department of Health with TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certificate as Medical Device Class III, so we are expecting to grow for the rest of the year.

So far, the first half of the year went productive and growing for our company, now looking forward for the next half of the year where big plans and goals are coming.


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