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Healux Co., Ltd and Innolution Co., Ltd. absorption-type merger

HELAUX Co., Ltd officially announced that it has completed an absorption-type merger with Innolution Co., Ltd. in the end of 2020.

Innolution Co., Ltd. was Ultrasound and Laser medical and beauty device manufacturer in South Korea. There were four main products produced by Innolution Co., Ltd.

Picomaster : Picosecond Nd:YAG laser machine

Ultrafocus : Hifu body fat reduction machine

UltraDuo : Dual ultrasound (1/3Mhz , 3/10 Mhz) beauty device

Plasma PLORA : DC type Plasma beauty machine

The above four products are medical beauty equipment that is independently developed and produced by Innolution Co., Ltd., were well-received not only in Korea but also in Japan and Southeast Asia, and now it will be developed, produced, and A / S by HEALUX Co., Ltd..

HEALUX CO. Ltd by this absorption-type merger is expecting to grow into a more professional and innovative manufacturing-based marketing company in Aesthetic and Beauty industry, combining the global marketing platform, medical research & development laboratory and manufacturing equipment.


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