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Healfusion - the innovative device for professional skincare

Healux Co. Lt. Korean manufacturing company is about to launch an innovative aesthetic device named “Healfusion” for professional skin care treatments.

The modern design, represented in black and white, with 4 blocks for different solutions, air injector for deep drug penetration and two storage boxes for additional exchange solutions. Also the hand-piece is made with high quality material and comfortable design to proceed the treatments.

The design of the device is elaborated and made with special approach to satisfy the needs of clinicians as well as patients.

The “Healfusion” is effective for different skin care treatments: antiaging treatment, whitening, brightening and others. The product is expected to be well received among clinicians around the word due to its innovation design and high quality.

The device will be represented officially at KIMES International Medical Trade Fair in COEX (Seoul, S. Korea) from 18 to 21 of March 2021.

Don’t miss a chance to see the "Healfusion" first.


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