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From now on iTHREAD Matrix. Get you ticket now!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

January is a great time to improve your skills and study new techniques in Aesthetic industry.

Healux Co. Ltd provides great courses from the best clinicians from Korea about Thread lifting.

Intensive online training "Volumizing and Tightening with application of i-THREAD Matrix" will be held especially for Brazilian specialists at 28 of January. The course will teach about techniques and features, how to get great results of volumizing using i-THREAD Matrix lifting threads.

The instructor of the course is Dr. Kim Sokju with a great experience in Aesthetic and Medical Industry.

- CEO and Doctor of Clinic 10

- Professor of Chungang Medical University

- Academic Director of Korean Association for Obesity and Aesthetic

- Academic Director of the Korean Filler Association

- Lecturer at AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine)

- Lecturer and Instructor of iThread lifting threads

Don't miss a chance to learn more and improve your professional skills!

Looking forward to see you at the webinar!


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