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"Fox eyes" with i-THREAD from Dr. Shereen Sayed

Dr. Shereen Sayed is a Member of ICC , Aesthetic injector trainer and highly professional cosmetologist from Egypt, shared the great results of her client after "Fox eye" procedure using "i-THREAD".

In this patient case using botox injections were not sufficient to lift up eye brows and open the eyes. So using i-THREAD were great decision that could provide an immediate result. The short recovery period and painless makes "Fox eyes" procedure more and more popular.

Dr. Shereen Sayed is one the most professional cosmetologist in Egypt says that her clients are very satisfied with the procedure and quality of i-THREAD material. The effect lasts about 1-2 years.

The longevity of results can also be improved by augmenting your fox eye thread-lift with a touch of Dermal Filler.


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