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KBS news: Foreign doctors started visiting Korea to learn new techniques in aesthetic field

The Korean Wave in aesthetic field, which has been completely blocked by COVID-19, is stretching back. For the first time since COVID-19, foreign doctors visited Korea as a group to learn new techniques and knowledge in beauty field.

This is a report by Lee Chung-heon, a medical journalist.


Doctors from Brazil get off the bus and enter the hospital.

About 70 Brazilian doctors visited Korea to learn Korea's advanced plastic surgery techniques.

[Lucilla Lagura/Brazilian doctor] "I know that Korea's plastic surgery technology is the best in the world. That's why we made a group of doctors in Brazil and came to Korea."]

["I'll show you how to do the procedure and a picture before and after the procedure.""]

This is a lecture on the 'thread lifting' treatment method that makes the face skin elastic using threads.

It is a Korean 'thread lifting' procedure that became already popular in Brazil.

[Lee Hoon-beom/Professor of plastic surgery at International St. Mary's Hospital: "They came to learn more to make up for their shortcomings."]

This training is expected to make Korean beauty treatments more widely known in Brazil.

Overseas patients, who had almost been cut off due to COVID-19, began to come from Russia and Southeast Asian countries one or two at a time.

The Russian woman, in her mid-30s, came to Korea to study abroad a month ago.

"I'm also planning to have a skin treatment during my stay in Korea."

Anastasia/Russian Patient: "I'm going to have a lifting, thread lifting procedure. I heard it's really good for face lifting and skin rejuvenation. And I'd like to have a skin regeneration procedure."]

The medical community expects that if overseas travel is more free, the suppressed demand will revive, leading to a stronger "Korean Wave in Beauty Medicine."

[Oh / Head of beauty clinic: "If the COVID-19 issue is resolved completely, I think there will be more patients coming in than the last patient."]

As the border blocked by COVID-19 has been lifted, the medical Korean Wave is starting again.

Lee Chung-heon from KBS News.

Reporter: Kang Seunghyuk / Video Editing: Jang Soo-kyung


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