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Director Lee Geon Hong of the “Hong” Skin Clinic. Treatment of various skin diseases using Ultra Duo

Q: How long have you been using Ultra Duo?

A: It has been used for about three years. The effectiveness of the device as good as others ultrasonic equipment. On the other hand, since it is a domestic equipment, the price advantage is great.

Q: What kind of equipment is Ultra Duo?

A: Ultra Duo is an ultrasound equipment. It facilitates drug penetration into the skin by using its own special vibration function. When using moisture, acne medicine, and stem cell ampoules, they use a lot of ions to KHz ultrasonic equipment, but Ultra Duo penetrates more smoothly because it is in MHz. The so-called high frequency ultra-focusing US therapy is an ultrasonic equipment that comes out to 1 MHz, 3 MHz, and 10 MHz. Ultrasonic equipment is produced in various ranges, and KHz is used as an obesity equipment due to its deep penetration. Usually, when the range goes over to MHz, it is approved as medical equipment, and Ultra Duo is one of them.

Q: What's the target level for Ultra Duo?

A: As mentioned earlier, the frequency of the Ultra Duo is 1, 3, 10 MHz, and the higher the frequency is, the lower the penetration depth. Targets are fat layer in 1 MHz, deep dermal layer in 3 MHz, and shallow epidermal layer and shallow dermal layer in 10 MHz.

Q: What is the decisive difference between Ultra Duo and other ultrasound equipment?

A: Since 10 MHz treats both the upper dermis and the epidermis, ultrasound has a better effect. However, 10 MHz applied directly to the skin results into too severe irritation. Therefore, it was not sufficiently applied to treatment. That’s why in Ultra Duo, 3,10 MHz is set to come out alternatively. When only 10 MHz comes out, the irritation is severe, and when only 3 MHz comes out, the epidermal irritation decreases, but it goes deep and the decreases a little the function. That's why with the technology of Ultra Duo, it allows 3,10 MHz to come out alternately to reduce side effects and maximizing good effects.

Q: What effect does Ultra Duo have on the skin?

A: The epidermis can be opened with 10 MHz ultrasonic waves. At this time, the cavitation effect lasts for about a week and the pore size engagement lasts temporarily for about 10 minutes to 1 hour. Drugs can be infiltrated during this time. 3 MHz can improve the dermis. Streaming increases with thermal effect to improve blood circulation. Non-thermal effect improves the skin with collagen remodeling and inflammatory reactions. In general, it can be explained that the changes caused by these ultrasounds on the skin induce reduction in MMPs that induce protein degradation and increase HSPs and GAGs that promote skin regeneration and moisture content.

Q: What are the actual indications for Ultra Duo?

A: They include wrinkles, skin elasticity, moisturization, drug penetration, atopic dermatitis, and scars. It is effective against Papulopustular rosacea (m/i) and Seborrheic dermatitis (when the amount of sebum is small). On the other hand, it is not effective for flushing or ET type rosacea.

Q: Please explain the procedure protocol.

A: Usually, the company says to do it for 12 to 18 minutes, but in reality, even 10 minutes is too strong. So, the personal protocol is as follows. 10 MHz – 3 minutes (open pores by slightly stimulating the epidermis and upper dermis), and 3 MHz – 3 minutes (lower dermis and upper fat layers regenerate to increase blood flow and cause inflammatory reactions). This is how the most procedures are done, and if necessary, the entire fat layer is treated at 1 MHz


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