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Brilliant eyebrow lifting with i-THREAD by Dr. Kim Hyoung Moon at IMCAS

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

IMCAS congresses are medical research conferences focused on providing plastic surgeons and dermatologists with the latest academic and industry updates for their professional progress in the aesthetic field. The primary objective is to build a bridge between aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology, reinforcing knowledge in each field as well as the areas of study in the junction of the two fields.

Healux Corporation will be a part of Symposium 26 of January in Amphi Bleu hall, from 10:00 to 11:00 for thread lifting with best experts from South Korea.

Dr. Kim Hyoung Moon, will held a workshop "The brilliant eyebrow lift with i-THREAD", at which he will share his thread lifting techniques to reach the best aesthetic results.

The lecture will be about the lateral eyebrow lifting technique called ‘Fox eye Lifting’ on the upper part of the eye area. The second part will be under the eye, on the Infraorbital Groove, using i-THREAD Filler to show an easy lifting technique. We expect many foreign doctors will be very curious about this technique.

Out of all models of i-THREAD Dr. Kim use Magic Plus the most, And another model named ‘Filler’ But this ‘Filler’ is not the liquid filler we know, it is a thread name, it helps to volumize the skin just like the fillers. Those two models are favorite thread models of Dr. Kim.

The biggest advantage of using i-THREAD is that there is almost no pain, and little chance of bleeding during the procedure.

You are welcome to come and see the lecture of Dr. Kim Hyong Moon at Amphi Bleu, IMCAS 2023 on 26th January.


(Former) Director of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (Former) Professor Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

(Former) Adjunct Professor at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital (Former) Representative Director of Miraero Hospital

President of the Korean Laser Skin and Hair Society Regular member of the Korean Medical Association President of the Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Society Director of the Korean Breast Plastic Surgery Society

Director of Fat Plastic Surgery, Korea Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Full member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Medicine Head of Botox, Filler Division at the Korean Laser Dermatological and Hair Association

Professor of Laser Division at Medication K Academy Director of the GALLA International Society of Plastic Surgery


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