Before and After Thread lifting i-THREAD Matrix!

There are many good cases of thread lifting results and here is one more of the middle age women pictures . The procedure was held at one of the best clinics in Seoul South Korea, by Dr. Kim Sokju with a great experience in Aesthetic and Medical Industry. The patient is a women of 41 years old with visible aging changes: wrinkles on forehead, nasolabial folds and marionnette lines.

There are 3 pictures:

  1. picture BEFORE the procedure, with sagging skin and deep nasolabial folds.

  2. picture was taken right AFTER procedure, where the face is a bit swelling with a bit of redness and bruises.

  3. 3 days after procedure, where is still a little bit of swelling but results are clearly visible, especially the V-line and smoothing deep wrinkles.

For the procedure were used innovative korean lifting threads i-THREAD Matrix developed and manufactured by Healux Co., Ltd. The best results of the procedure is not reach yet, and it will be even better after all recovery process.