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Australian Certification TGA for i-THREAD is officially released

Healux Co., Ltd is Korean company leader manufacturer of lifting threads i-THREAD. It provides innovative approach and high quality production. i-THREAD is a leader in the Aesthetic and Beauty industry officially certified around the world .

And now proudly approved by Australian Government 's Department of Health with TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certificate as Medical Device Class III, PDO suture.

The team of Healux Co., Ltd is very exited expending the field with a product and introducing it to new clients.

There are different types of threads depending on the size and structure of material:

- Mono (Screw, Double Screw) has a smooth texture and usually are used combined with other threads.

- Cannula COG

- Molding COG

- Multi Scaffold Mesh Solid Filler

Benefits of i-Thread lifting threads:

  • Unique high-quality Korean products developed according to our own innovative and patented technologies

  • Different types, sizes of threads depending on implication

  • All products directly from the manufacturer

  • Education and Training Service

  • Stable prices and marketing support

  • Short lead time and quick supplies


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