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ANVISA certificate for MesoGlory PDRN serum is completed

The MesoGlory PDRN serum is powerful skin booster developed by Healux Co., Ltd successfully completed the ANVISA certification and now can be officially presented in Brazilian market. Thats a great news for clients from Brazil who was interested to use the product for skincare providing great aesthetic results.

Extract DNA from Salmon’s testicles, and processed into low-molecular weight hexane. Compared to other ingredients, salmon’s testicles are rich in Hexane, and ATGC chromosome arrangement in the salmon’s hexane is the most balanced, which is very similar to the one in human body.

PDRN serum from Healux Co., Ltd. was developed by a group of professional dermatologists.

It's a professional premium skin booster that provides:

  • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle

  • Lifting effect by stimulating collagen

  • Skin healing by repairing and regenerating skin

  • Improves skin tone

  • Moisturizing and rejuvenating

  • Increasing elasticity

  • Narrowing down pores

PDRN extract boosting the skin to healthier and more beautiful.

PDRN helps improvement of skin condition through regenerating power, it effects to enhancement of wrinkles, skin elasticity and moisture.

PDRN serum is already famous K-beauty product in South Korea that proved its amazing effect.

And now we are expecting more happy and satisfied clients in Brazil using MesoGlory PDRN skin booster.


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