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27th Congress of Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Instruments Exhibition

The 27th Congress of Korean Academy of Aesthetic Medicine was held by 20 June 2021 at the Yangjae aT Exhibition Center.

In this conference, the number of lectures was slightly reduced compared to the existing conference and only the most important parts were selected. Organizers selected the basics and the parts that are essential for each part and assigned the lecture and invited those who started treatment first in each field as instructors.

This congress is great opportunity for professionals in the field to exchange the knowledge and experience and help to choose safe and effective treatment methods and safe products.

The congress will held 5 rooms for each topic

  1. Obesity Medication and Functional Medicine, IVNT.

  2. Body countering therapy, mechanical and surgical treatment.

  3. Botox, filler, thread lifting

  4. Laser treatment

  5. Skin Regeneration, Effective Hospital Care (Medical Law, Labor), preparations for COVID-19

Also, there will be wider booth space so visitors can access the product properly and see demonstration.

Healux Co. Ltd will demonstrate main products for Korean Market: PDO lifting threads, in particular the new model – i-THREAD Matrix, with patented stent structure. The 3D network structure of the thread provides better collagen regeneration and as a result great lifting and volumizing effect.

And UltraDuo. – ultrasound device grabbed attention from visitors. With the powerful cell movement effect of shaking skin tissue cells up to 100,000 times per second, there is very effective pressure for skin treatment. Ultrasonic waves of 1MHz, 3 MHz and 10 MHz used in this case will bring different depth of pressure according to the characteristic of each ultrasonic wave and eventually improve the skin to subcutaneous fat.


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