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2 in 1, HIFU and DUAL SONO! Healux VIVALDI beauty device~

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Besides many factors that effects on success of beauty shop, the most important is the aesthetic device that cosmetician uses for client's skin treatment. Ultrasound devices are booming due to it's effectiveness proved by many clinical studies. The most popular device are based on HIFU technology or Multiplex Frequency modulated ultrasound, but now you don't need two devices, you can get 2 technologies in one.

We would like to introduce a new aesthetic device that combines two technologies HIFU and DUAL SONO, It is Healux’s new model of custom-made device, based on HIFU (1 or 2 face + body) + DUAL SONO (2 types – 1,3 + 3, 10) Dual SONO is commonly called high-density ultrasound, regardless of its high price, it is the leader in the equipment market as it’s well loved by celebrities and brides. Anyone can use it easily without any sides effects by providing utilized enzyme and oxygen activation. The special benefit is availability to provide the different skincare treatments according to customer need.

VIVALDI features and benefits

1. It creates a special synergy from engaging different wavelengths of 1/3 MHz handpiece and 3/10 MHZ handpiece

2. Upgraded HIFU handpiece, lightweight and comfortable to use (Two types of handpiece for BODY and FACE are available)

3. It’s economical since HIFU cartridge includes 500, 000 shots.

Using with DUAL SONO can provide better effect and results of treatment for different purposes.

4. HIFU and DUAL SONO can be used simultaneously

Various indications for Vivaldi treatment:

•Acne & Acne scars treatment

•Flushed skin or sensitive skin

•Dry skin

•Perioperative management for laser treatments

•Wound Care


•Cell Growth and Recovery (Antitumor Effect)


•Regrowth and Synthesis of Collagen

•Lifting and Tightening

•Stimulated Blood circulation from Angiectasia

•Increased oxygen supply into skin

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