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About HealuxBlog


This is official blog of Healux Corporation.

Healux Corporation is Korea-based company, devoted to aesthetic and medical technologies and innovations. 

Our high qualified specialists from R&D department are willing to share their professional knowledge and experience with the audience.


This blog brings together the latest news, trends, market insights and technological developments from the aesthetic and medical industry. Looking at all areas of healthcare and skincare treatments we keep an eye on new research and innovation in materials, devices, technologies to keep you to update with the latest developments in the field.


This platform is great for professionals and all who is interested in aesthetic medical and beauty industry.

Stay updated, stay tuned!

Explore Better Skin With Us

i-THREAD lifting

i-THREAD is revolutionary new type of threads using in skin lifting procedure.

Threads are made of Polydioxanone (PDO) that helps to improve collagenization.

Once the micro thread is inserted under the skin, the body detects a suture material and stimulates collagen production starting healing process. In additional, it activates fibroblasts, which provide more elastin. 

The procedure improves texture of the skin and corrects wrinkles. 

PDO threads were used for suturing during the heart surgery over 30 years and it is proofed to be safe.

PDO thread lift is an innovative creation by a Korean surgeon. 

It is an excellent alternative to lifting surgery but with more advantages such as reduced cost, no scarring, less invasive and less side effects, also faster postoperative recovery.

Aesthetic and medical devices

Based on our expertise in laser, RF, and ultrasound, we are doing our best to improve the lives of people who contacts us by improving existing technologies and innovating new discovered technologies.

Our creative professional team continues to innovate and improve healthcare systems for new applications that offer solutions in aesthetic and medical, dermatology, urology and also orthopedic care. 

 Healux online learning center

Healux online learning center is platform with professional courses dedicated to the field of aesthetic and cosmetology trainnings from the best experts from South Korea.


This platform allows you to learn and network anytime and anywhere with just any internet connection in the world. The most customized learning environment available, functioning in different languages. 


We set the courses with the most successful and talented aesthetic experts, plastic surgeons and beauty professionals to contribute to advancement of the aesthetic field. 

With this platform we are willing to change the world of aesthetics through the power of learning.

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